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Welcome to the homepage of Sabine Plonz!

On the following pages I would like to:

  • introduce myself to you
  • inform you about my work as an author and lecturer
  • invite you to communicate and to co-operate with me.

My areas of expertise are:

Theology and ethics

in daily life and politics, in religious communities and the academic world

 My main areas of work are:

  • Author and lecturer in academic and general education contexts
  • Editor, publisher, translator of specialised texts (English or Spanish into German)
  • Consultant and moderator in dialogue and study processes
  • Cooperation projects - interdisciplinary, across borders and networking

In concrete praxis I stand for:

  • In-depth-analysis and communication with a commitment
  • Orientation to the target audience and a language intelligible to all
  • Creativity and fantasy in learning processes
  • Questioning the ‘unquestionable truths’
  •  A good portion of humour as a resource to overcome resignation and silence



  • Labour, social security, poverty, development, global economy, globalisation, human rights
  • Ethics and its foundations in interdisciplinary discourse
  • Experiences of ordinary people and those directly affected - an issue that counts
  • Development of resources and abilities to be able to take action



  • Theology as contextual theory and praxis
  • Dialogue on issues and declarations of faith (dogmatics)
  • Reading the Bible in the hermeneutic circle: ‘from life to the Bible and from the Bible to life’
  • Churches in pluralist societies

Special subjects

  • Theologies outside Europe (especially Latin America)
  • Feminist theologies
  • Intercultural issues and challenges


Nobody lives on her / his own...
We are involved in relationship with many others, with whom we have to - and can - shape the nearer and wider communities. As a member of a complex web of human relations everyone should be able to find and to express her / his own personality.
Hence, a major aim of my activities in the fields of education, research and publications is to help people reach independent judgements on the issues under consideration and to encourage people to intervene in their own concerns, which in fact are common to all of us.
This requires special attention to the ‘Perspective of the Other’ and to circumstances which tend to be neglected in the media.
For this reason the gender perspective on life, faith and society plays an important role for me, as well as the perspective of any other groups defined as ‘minorities’.
International and intercultural perspectives are also important to me or - as the churches often say - a broad ecumenical horizon.
Another important concern is dialogue on the present and future significance of ethical and religious traditions of justice and human rights and how they are put into practice.
In brief: I look for the political dimension of a topic and try to develop the political competence of those involved.
Such competence will vary in content depending on the working context, and it may also take different concrete forms such as a deepened awareness for social-ethical issues, more self-confidence, a new view of biblical or other ‘holy texts’, practical initiatives, …

Curriculum Vitae
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Main Current Research Project: The Protestant Discourse on Family Politics in the German Welfare State - from a Gender Perspective (University of Muenster)

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