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Welcome to my homepage!

My areas of expertise are:

Theology and ethics

in daily life and politics, in religious communities and the academic world

My main areas of work are:

  • Author and lecturer in academic and general education contexts
  • Editor, publisher, translator of specialised texts (English or Spanish into German)
  • Consultant and moderator in dialogue and study processes
  • Cooperation projects - interdisciplinary, across borders and networking

In concrete praxis I stand for:

  • In-depth-analysis and communication with a commitment
  • Orientation to the target audience and a language intelligible to all
  • Creativity and fantasy in learning processes
  • Questioning the ‘unquestionable truths’
  •  A good portion of humour as a resource to overcome resignation and silence

Main Issues of Work and Research


  • Care, Gender relations, family and labour, capitalism, welfare state, poverty, development, global economy, globalisation, human rights
  • Ethics and its foundations in interdisciplinary discourse
  • Experiences of ordinary people and those directly affected - an issue that counts
  • Development of resources and abilities to be able to take action



  • Theology as contextual theory and praxis
  • Dialogue on issues and declarations of faith (dogmatics)
  • Reading the Bible in the hermeneutic circle: ‘from life to the Bible and from the Bible to life’
  • Churches in pluralist societies

Special subjects

  • Theologies outside Europe (especially Latin America)
  • Feminist theologies
  • Intercultural issues and challenges

My Recent book: "Wirklichkeit der Familie und protestantischer Diskurs" (2018)

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Curriculum Vitae
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